Fall Must Haves!

As sad as it is summer has come to an end now before you store up 3 months worth of clothes keep in mind you might want to keep maxi dresses as they can be worn in alternantive ways , Color Denim will be transitioning into the fall and  all else can go into storage =)  . I’m soo excited for fall I love Fall Fashion I dont love Fall weather I do not like the cold at all but I do love the fashion , the trench , Boots (Ankle Boots are my favorite !) , scarves , gloves ect….

The Trench

 What I love most about a trench coat  is that they are classy, sophisticated and Sexy . Theyre the add the perfect touch wether your on your way to work or just out . I especially love this Cape style Trench Victoria Beckham is wearing . The thing I love the most is that you can wear nothing but your pjs underneath and nobody would know!

Ankle Boots

Next are ankle boots wich I am obsessed with , She just so happen to be wearing some  wich I love !  My number one choice for ankle boots are the Lace Up Ankle boots. These are great because they can give your outfit that extra something . Wether your in Skinny jeans and Knit sweater or a Fabulous Dress .  I think your outfit is casual it give it that effortless sexy vibe!!   If your going out in the town , you can throw your ankle boots out to give you sexy look a bit of an edgy side !

Oversized Outerwear is a super hot trend for this fall. Oversized coat/cape/jacket you name it  and very slimming on the bottom .  Wether thats a skinny jean  or a form fitting dress. I was at H&M the other day and I came across this FURR Vest and I loved it I just had to have it . So this vest is a must have for me although you have alternantives like an oversized Blazer of Cape. Capes are super FAB.

Whats your favorite Fall trend ?


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