Shoe of the week-Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti

My shoe of the week has been absent for quite some time now, so I’ll be doing 2 different pairs of shoes from   Giuseppe Zanotti  and I’ll be including links to were you can get a more budget version of these beauties so first is this beautiful pair of sandals .  For the most part I’m a closed toe girl  I’m not a big fan of the open toe shoe  im more a closed toe / peep toe girl!  Until I met these beauties !!!  On the other hand I’m a big fan of the ankle boot/heel and this shoe is a cross between sandal/ankle boot so that is probably why they caught my eye. I love a shoe you  can wear to lunch or special ocasion and this deffinitely meets the profile .

Giuseppe Zanotti is fabulous not budget friendly and for that reason i have found a similar shoe let me know what you girls think .

37.99 VS 850.00 pick

Luxury VS Budget.

So these are the more budget friendly alternative as you can see they are not an exact replica however they have the same style . click here

Shoe #2.
this is more of my type of shoe , also a ankle style .. I would deffinitley wear this day in – day out  and i think these gorgeous shoes speak for themselves .. Velvet burgendy material perfect for the fall since deep rich tones are fall ..   


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